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Cyber Monday and Black Friday are done, and many of the best video game deals of the year are gone with them. But there are a few games on sale that you can still buy. Here we look at games for the Xbox One, which still has plenty of life in it yet, and the Nintendo Switch, which continues to release great games.

And if you’re looking to buy the latest Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 consoles, you should peruse our stock-check stories: 

If you’re lucky enough to get one of those holy grail consoles, do keep in mind that physical games for the PS4 will play on the PS5 (as long as it’s the model with the Blu-ray drive), and games for the Xbox One will work with the Series X (but not the Series S, due to its absence of a media drive).

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Gearbox Software

Take another adventure in the original looter-shooter series. 

It’s fighting, but with more spinal cords on the outside of the body. 

id Software

The most metal game ever. 


Take on the role of Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, one of the last Jedi in the galaxy, who’s being hunted by the Empire. 


Jump into the cockpit of an X-wing or TIE fighter in this well-reviewed multiplayer space combat sim. 


Relive your skateboard youth with the remake of the first two Tony Hawk games. 


Mario. Tennis. It’s Mario Tennis.

Go on another adventure to catch even more Pokémon.


Quirky and creative, Splatoon 2 is even more of a blast to play on the Switch. Like the rest of these discounts, you can get it for only $30.

See GameSpot’s review of Splatoon 2.

Source: Switch games hit all-time low price of $30, but they’re already selling out – CNET

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